The Fraternity is a underground black market organization composed of sinners, ex-sinners and corrupt citizens.
Fraternity Shopkeepers

Fraternity Shopkeepers in Level 6 Cell Garden.

Overview Edit

The Fraternity operates inside and out of the panopticons to sell stolen weapons and resources to sinners and sometimes citizens.

They are distinguishable for their black suits and helmets that covers their faces, also, most of them speak with a lot of urban lingo.

The protagonist can find them in the Cell Garden of Sector F140 on Level 6 to buy very expensive but rare resources from abductors and remove undesirable modules from weapons for the prize of 5000 entitlement points each.

Merchants Edit

  • Ethan - Sells rare resources, follow this Link for a list.
  • Dorothea - Removes unwanted Modules.

Trivia Edit

  • Even through most of the members of the Fraternity are sinners, they don't have a sentence counter above their heads.
  • Accessories are never seen alongside members of the Fraternity, this would explain why they are allowed to enter the Cell Gardens without any problem.