Tebutje Attack: 187 - 233
Attack Type: Impact
Impact Damage (%): -
Critical Chance (%): 0
Critical Multiplier: 1.0
Absorb Chance (%) 4
Health Absorbed (%) 5.0
Manufacturer Plus Industries
Description: A specially adapted, impact-focused greatsword from Plus Industries. Though not enormously powerful, its blade is said to have an unquenchable thirst for blood... Its charged attacks can be used to dash at enemies and strike from a distance. Use Square (quick attack) and Triangle (power attack) to perform charged attacks.
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Acquirement and Upgrade Method:
Buying Cost: 450 With Discount: 338
Creation Materials:
Diamond-Like Carbon: UL Hardness X 2

Damaged Carbon Structure X 2

Carapace: Armored Mk 4 X 1

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