Sinners are prisoners and undesirables, convicted from birth for the crime of living. The punishment for this crime is 1,000,000 years imprisonment.

Unlike Citizens who are the engineers, medics and scientists of a Panopticon. Sinners are often considered its army and domestic defense militia.


Community Service Edit

Sinners are given the option of reducing their sentence by doing various deeds for their Panopticon including: reclaiming kidnapped citizens, repel assaults by other Panopticons, scavenging resources, and other such necessities.

When a sinner manages to complete its sentence, the sinner in question earns the status of second-class citizen and the right to work inside the Panopticon (as either a mechanic, scientist, medic or management), marriage and freedom of movement (with the exception of the Cell Gardens).


Sinners are distinguished by their CODE levels. Sinners with higher CODE levels are considered to be more valuable, and less of a drain on resources. As such, they are given more Entitlements, better Equipment, and face more difficult operations.

Imprisonment Edit

The living standards for Sinners vary depending on their CODE level. Level 1 Sinners cannot leave their cell, pace or lie down to rest. As their CODE level rises, they will earn the right to move about freely, talk to other Sinners, approach members of the opposite sex, engage in conversation with Citizens, and other activities. Their living quarters also improve with CODE level, as they are moved to a higher floor of the Citizen's Promenade.

Accessories Edit

Sinners are accompanied by an Accessory, a cyborg who doubles as both a personal assistant, and prison warden. They allow access to the Personal Responsibility Pad, inform Sinners of messages, allow Sinners to leave their cells, and punish their Sinner if they break any of the Laws of the Panopticon. Sinners above a certain CODE level can redesign their accessory to their liking and even left their Accessories on-wait on their Cell while they roam the Citizen's Promenade.

Notable Sinners Edit


  • According to the La Vie en Rose book only released in Japan, after a newborn is declared a sinner, they are given a genetic treatment to be stronger than the average human to serve their 'Con by fighting Abductors and other sinners from rival Panopticons.