The Ramosa (also known as T-Type Abductor) is a tiger-based Abductor from On High that specializes in lighting-fast ground assaults. It is named after the carnivorous plant Pinguicula ramosa. The standard variant has white armor with blue accents.


Ramosa-class abductors primarily attack using their claws or by charging at the enemy. When enraged, claw attacks can produce a beam-type attack that deals damage to a greater area. The Ramosa will also use its wings during its charge attacks while enraged to increase the speed of the attack. Additionally, the Ramosa can create a large number of rapid firing projectiles, create targeted explosions at the position of sinners and accessories, and


A Ramosa-class abductor walking on two legs.

capture sinners and accessories in its mouth, causing damage until the target manages to escape or dies.

The wings of a Ramosa-class abductor can be severed, preventing it from flying while using its projectile attack. The front legs can also be severed preventing claw attacks, however the abductor will continue to be able to walk as though it has all four legs. The tail can be broken off, and the back legs, the pipes attached to the front legs, and the head can be damaged to obtain resources.

The pod of a Ramosa-class abductor is on the bottom, making it the most difficult to reach compared to other abductors.


Ramosa αEdit

Special T-Type: Scarlet GlowEdit

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Ramosa / Special T-Type Edit

Region Reward 1 Reward 2 Reward 3
Pod Will'O Fluid Will'O Fiber Weapon
Head Headgear Will'O Fluid Comp. Sensor
Arm Armed Gear Repair Module
Arm Pipe Exhaust Manifold
Claw Talon Unit
Legs Sinew Fiber (back legs only) Damper Armored/Enhanced Gearbox
Tail Will'O Fluid Polymer
Wing Winged Exoskeleton Rear Wing
After Defeating Resources Tissue Fiber Will'O Fluid