The Paradoxa is modeled after a spider, with a multifaceted head and six legs. Each leg has a piece of armor, and then additional bulk on it. After taking approx. 1/4 of it's health bar as damage, the Paradoxa will forcefully eject all of its leg armor, dealing damage to everyone nearby. The pod is set as an arachnids abdomen, and is easily accessible. Directly infront of the pod are two web blasters. The Paradoxa uses these to launch web traps everywhere. They can be destroyed, removing the threat. The legs contain missile launchers. This attack is well telegraphed, and is easily avoidable by continuing to run until all missiles have hit. The main danger of the Paradoxa is its spinning attack. The Paradoxa will regularly perform spins, spinning in place or towards you, rapidly launching webs. While it has armor, the Paradoxa can also jet towards you. Without armor, the spin can be done very quickly. When the Paradoxa has little health, it will begin performing giant jumps. The first of these is a series of four in a slightly zig-zag pattern. The second is where the Paradoxa jumps high into the air and then slams down after a few seconds. The second attack has a window after it hits the ground where the Abductor does nothing.

Battle StrategiesEdit

Heavy Weapon- Using an Aftershadow works best on a Paradoxa staying underneath it and hacking at its legs due to the Aftershadow's ability to hit multiple parts at once.

Light Weapon-

Assault Weapons-

Paradoxa / Special S-Type Edit

Region Reward 1 Reward 2 Reward 3
Pod Will'O Fiber Will'O Engine Weapon
Head Manipulator Motherboard Composite Sensor
Body Manipulator Motherboard
Main Gun Manipulator Will'O Capacitor Motherboard
Leg / Thorn Booster Compression Turbine Repair Module
Armor Armored Exoskeleton Armor
Missile Launch Opening Will'O Fluid Carbon Steel
After Defeating Resources Manipulator Motherboard