Nina "Elizabeth" Diaz
Japanese Name Unknown
Rōmaji Translation Unknown
Personnel Data
Gender Male/Female
Age Unknown
Eye Color  ???
Hair Color  ???
Family Unknown
Affiliation Sinner
Melee Weapon Hawkshadow
Ranged Weapon EZ Katze I
Accessory Weapon EZ Nashorn III
Thorn Type Attack

Nina "Regina" Diaz is a attack class Sinner, and one of the companions of the Protagonist.

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Personality Edit

Nina is a very supportive person, always optimist and competitive with her fellow sinners, specially with the protagonist, unlike her friend Kai who often tries to avoid forming bonds with others for personal reasons.

In battle, she tends to be more close-combat oriented and more likely to revive fallen comrades, unlike Kai who is more ranged oriented and less likely to revive fallen allies unless they are in his proximity for him to revive.


There not much known about Nina outside of her being an old friend of the protagonist along with Kai, she is dishearted after discovering that the protagonist got amnesia and promises to help them out get back on top.

When the Protagonist and Mattias survived their first operation against other sinners, she organizes a party to celebrate so other rookie sinners could meet and befriend eachother.

She doesn't have a role in the story outside of giving hints and opinions to the protagonist on Zakka and help them out on operations as a companion.

Default AI Behavior Edit

"Default AI Behavior" refers to any action this character will do without giving an order by the command panel to do so.

- Can be observed cutting parts off Abductors, due to heavy affinity to Melee.

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