Natalia "9" Woo
Im natalia
Japanese Name Unknown
Rōmaji Translation Unknown
Personnel Data
Gender Female
Age Early 30s
Eye Color Light Green
Hair Color Light Green
Family None Known
Affiliation Office of Peace and Stability
Melee Weapon Hawkshadow
Ranged Weapon SR-42/LA
Accessory Weapon SR-42/LA
Thorn Type Binding

Natalia "9" Woo is a member of the Office of Peace and Stability. She becomes one of the protagonist's companions after the CODE 7 Exam.



Natalia has a tall, well-built figure that easily towers over other Sinners and Citizens, which corresponds to her superior and authoritarian nature. She has pistachio-green hair pulled back into a braid with a black Accessory cap. She wears red, semi-rimless glasses.

Her clothing consists of a long, red open cut dress which reveals her right leg. The chest area of her dress has a zipper above and below her breasts and a blue tie running down from her collar to just below the bottom zipper. Her open cut dress reveals black shorts, black stockings, and a garter belt which connects to a red knee-pad. She wears turquoise high-heels.

In addition, she is always seen carrying a tablet which she uses to administer sentence extensions to Sinners.

Personality Edit

On the surface, Natalia is a tough-as-nails ice queen who appears to show little to no sympathy toward Sinners. But beneath her uncaring facade lies a deep-seated concern for the safety of her companions.

When Natalia is first introduced, she comes off as cold and cruel. She often addresses the player as "worm" and constantly reminds them of how disposable they are for the Greater Good. However, during the CODE 7 Exam, Natalia reveals that it is necessary for her to be so strict in order for the Panopticon to survive, regardless of what others will think of her. Later in the game, she begins to trust the player, and eventually refers to him/her as a friend.

She is also a League of Panopticons enthusiast and she often loses her "cold" composure when talking about it only to return to it after realizing it.


Default AI BehaviourEdit

"Default AI Behavior" refers to any action this character will do without giving an order by the command panel to do so.

  • Natalia will occasionally use her Hawkshadow to sever Abductor parts.
  • Her AI is more likely to stop to revive allied forces in battle

Trivia Edit

  • She is voiced by Yuu Asakawa.
  • If the player talks to Carlos after the CODE 7 Exam, he reveals that she is the one in charge of Percy Propa, the Panopticon's virtual mascot.
  • She, alongside Beatrice, Elfriede, Uwe, Carlos and Mattias are the characters that cannot be recreated in the character editor.
  • Her Accessory is an Overseer model.
  • She uses a binding thorn, which implies a more offensive temperament. Despite this, Natalia can be seen, during a certain operation, stopping to revive an ally sinners even if it means putting herself at risk of getting hit herself.


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