- Attack: 484
Attack Type: Cutting
Impact Damage (%): 15
Critical Chance (%): 1.1
Critical Multiplier: 1.8
Absorb Chance (%) -
Health Absorbed (%) -
Manufacturer HandMate
Description: A version of HandMate's Abductor-part-severing Happy Chopper, modified using Peltatum technology. While it is one of the most powerful light melee weapons, often staggering those it strikes, it is also one of the slowest and is therefore at its best when used to attack from a stationary position.
Special Attributes: Increased Will'O Damage
Acquirement and Upgrade Method:
Buying Cost: Cannot be Purchased. With Discount: -
Creation Materials:
Weapon Component: Shoulder Plating X 5

Thorn-Shaped Plate: C-Type (L Hardness) X 3
Special Armour: C-Type (L Hardness) X 1

Upgrade Materials (lvl 2): Upgrade Materials (lvl 3): Upgrade Materials (lvl 4):
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Upgrade Materials (lvl 5): Upgrade Materials (lvl 6): Upgrade Materials (lvl 7):
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Upgrade Materials (lvl 8): Upgrade Materials (lvl 9) Upgrade Materials (lvl 10):
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