Marie "Alma" Milan
Japanese Name Unknown
Rōmaji Translation Unknown
Personnel Data
Gender Male/Female
Age Unknown
Eye Color  ???
Hair Color  ???
Family None Known
Affiliation Sinners
Melee Weapon Gration
Ranged Weapon Barbara's Easy Blaster
Accessory Weapon Handgun
Thorn Type Shielding

Marie "Alma" Milan is a Shield class sinner, and one of the protagonist's companions.

Profile Edit

Appearance Edit

Personality Edit

Marie is a very timid but friendly person who often has problems speaking with people. She is very interested in weapons and upgrading them, as she mentions multiple times in her dialogue. Whenever Beatrice is mentioned or nearby she seems to get incredibly flustered, and through most of her dialogue regarding Beatrice, it is implied that she has a crush on her.


Marie is a rookie sinner that the Protagonist meets during the party hosted by Nina and Uwe after they and Mattias survive their first operation against other sinners; due to her shyness, the protagonist approaches to cheer her up by promising that they will be her friend.

She doesn't have a role in the story outside of giving hints and opinions to the protagonist in Zakka and help them out on operations as a companion.

Default AI Behavior Edit

"Default AI Behavior" refers to any action this character will do without giving an order by the command panel to do so.

- Will escort/retrieve Citizens to the extraction point without the need of the "Protect Citizens" command.



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