Julien Sadat #e
Japanese Name Unknown
Rōmaji Translation Unknown
Personnel Data
Gender Male/Female
Age Unknown
Eye Color  ???
Hair Color  ???
Family Unnamed Wife (possibly deceased)
Affiliation Citizens
Melee Weapon None
Ranged Weapon None
Accessory Weapon None
Thorn Type None

Julien Sadat #e is a Citizen and one of the protagonist's closest allies.

Profile Edit


After being rescued from an abductor by the protagonist, he becomes an acquiantance of him/her in gratitude for saving him.

When the protagonist and Mattias are forbidden to enter the LEVEL-2 Cell Garden by their Accessories, they ask him to illegally modify them to allow them to enter the Cell Garden without extending their sentences and manages to create a module inside the Accessories that causes them to turn a blind eye when they "hush" at them.

After the protagonist rescues a mysterious girl named Beatrice, he decides to register her as a sinner to avoid suspicion from Natalia "9" Woo of the Office of Peace and Stability and investigates why she was held against her will in the first place.

During his research on Beatrice's kidnapping, he discovers that a secret organization only refered as "Them" were the responsibles of her captivity but he is unable to discover why. On his investigation, he finds out that "Them" manipulates the Panopticon's government and that they had been very interested in the object known as the "Casket", an object that apparently caused the destruction of the Arcadia Panopticon in the event known as the Great Loss.

After some time, he introduces his boss and friend Gene Smith who appears very interested on investigating "Them" and Beatrice's captivity.

After a support mission to the Nog Panopticon goes wrong, everyone believes that someone sabotaged the mission, many claiming that it had to be a Citizen due to their skill on managing information, eventually the traitor was revealed to be Gene Smith himself and was arrested by Natalia with help of the protagonist but not before leaking information about Beatrice and her Will'O energy (that was needed to open the Casket) to the infamous sinner Abel who single-handlely attacked the Panopticon and kidnapped Beatrice.

While planning on rescuing Beatrice, he reveals to the team that he and Beatrice worked on modules that allowed their weapons to damage Abel's personal abductor: Red Rage, one of the three Abductor prototypes.

After the protagonist returns after defeating Abel and rescuing Beatrice, he is asked about a insolated place with a strong Will'O radiation where he/she could plant a Will'O seed, he eventually discovers that the LEVEL-1 Cell Garden has a strong Will'O radiation and was all but populated.

Trivia Edit

  • He is married to a woman named Lena, to which he claims that marrying her took him several years of contributions to get the right to marry.
    • However, a gossiping sinner in the hub named Sofie implies that his wife may be not real at all or died long ago.
  • He is a Will'O Technician, as stated in La Vien Rose.