Elfriede "Sakamoto" Cabrera
Japanese Name Unknown
Rōmaji Translation Unknown
Personnel Data
Gender Female
Age Teens
Eye Color Light Blue
Hair Color Light Blue
Family Uwe "Sakamoto" Cabrera
Affiliation Sinners
Melee Weapon KD-M2L0/VE
Ranged Weapon MG-M7
Accessory Weapon AAW-M2
Thorn Type Binding

Elfriede "Sakamoto" Cabrera is a attack class sinner, the daughter of Uwe Cabrera and one of the companions of the protagonist.

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Elfriede is a very mature person even for her age, considering herself more experienced than most of her fellow sinners (for much of Mattias's dismay), she claims that her ultimate goal in life is to surpass her father one day to which her father gladly waits.


The protagonist and Mattias first met her during their search of a mysterious girl that was apparently causing troubles to the Fraternity when she was getting "bullied" by two older sinners until she scared them away and them walked away but not before scaring Mattias with her mature attitude.

Later, she is introduced by her father Uwe Cabrera, to the protagonist, Mattias and Beatrice to the shock of the group as not only she was his daughter but also their superior.

During a secret operation led by Natalia "9" Woo of OPS, they are attacked by the infamous Abel from the Hourai Panopticon and she is the first one to attempt to hit him but fail miserably and is knocked out along with her father.

After either Ann or Hal dies during an invasion on the panopticon, she tries to comfort the surviving sibling after Ann/Hal swears revenge against her/his sibling's killers but manages to calm Ann/Hal down for the sake of her/his fallen sibling.

Later, she led the reinforcements sent to the Nog Panopticon during an invasion from the Hourai Panopticon and its allies, after getting intercepted and barely surviving the enemy attack, she is one of the first to feel that they were betrayed by someone.

After returning, she begins to suspect Carlos was the traitor, mostly due to his shady personality and the fact that he wasn't present during the battle, when he returns to the panopticon, he claimed that he went to the remmains of Nog to pay his respect, however, she still had her doubts about him.

When the traitor was exposed and arrested and Beatrice was kidnapped by Hourai sinner Abel "Strafe" Balt. she, alongside her father, Mattias, Carlos, Natalia and the Protagonist were the ones sent to rescue her.

Trivia Edit

  • She, alongside Beatrice, Natalia, Uwe, Carlos and Mattias are the characters that cannot be recreated in the Character Editor.
  • She and her father uses gauntlets-style weapons that cannot be used by the player.
  • Her gauntlets are a variant of Uwe's KD-M2 only with the word LOVE.
  • Elfriede is a germanic female given name, derived from Ælfþryð (Aelfthryth) meaning "elf-strength". The name fell out of fashion in the Middle Ages and was revived in the 19th century in both England and Germany.
  • She is in her mid-teens according to the artbook.
  • Elfriede is voiced by Nao Toyama