Cesare Anastasi
Cesare Anastasi ingame
Japanese Name Unknown
Rōmaji Translation Unknown
Personnel Data
Gender Male
Age Ageless, Physically - Early 30s
Eye Color  ???
Hair Color  ???
Family Beatrice "Lilium" Anastasi (daughter)

Sylvia Anastasi (daughter) Unnamed Wife (possibly deceased)

Affiliation On High (formerly),

Kasumi (formerly),
Remigio (formerly),

Melee Weapon
Ranged Weapon Unknown
Accessory Weapon Unknown
Thorn Type Unknown

Cesare Anastasi was a scientist from On High turned Sinner in his research of the object known as the "Casket".

Profile Edit

Cesare was a well-respected scientist from On High until his research on the legend of Simeon, a mysterious being with the ability to grant wishes to anybody it deemed worthy, which ended up branding himself as a delusional person in the eyes of his fellow scientists and ruining his family's reputation. Eventually, he and a friend named Remigio decided to leave On High and leaving his two daughters behind in search of the Casket, an object apparently connected to Simeon and the supposed Great Transformation it would bring.

After arriving on the surface, he went to the player's chosen panopticon and was turned into a Sinner, there he met a citizen named Kasumi and both formed a notable friendship. During his time as a sinner, he continued his investigation on Simeon and the Casket.

Eventually, he managed to get his hands on the Casket and discovered that it was a portal to Simeon's dimension that needed to be charged with Will'O. After using all of his Will'O energy, he managed to charge the portal but at the cost of his own life. However, before his death, Simeon's assistant: Aries M took his non-physical form to Simeon himself where he accepted to be one of his personal assistants.

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