Caliburn Attack: 296-359
Attack Type: Impact
Impact Damage (%): -
Critical Chance (%): 2
Critical Multiplier: 1.0
Absorb Chance (%) -
Health Absorbed (%) -
Manufacturer Dead Channel
Description: An impact-focused greatsword produced by Dead Channel that boasts high attack power and the ability to regularly inflict critical hits. Use Square (quick attack) and Triangle (power attack) to perform charged attacks.
Special Attributes: {{{Special Attributes}}}
Acquirement and Upgrade Method:
Buying Cost: 450 With Discount: 338
Creation Materials:
Diamond-Like Carbon: UL Hardness X 2

Damaged Carbon Structure X 2

Generator: Marksman Mk 4 X 1

Upgrade Materials (lvl 2): Upgrade Materials (lvl 3): Upgrade Materials (lvl 4):
Generator: Armored Mk 1 X 5 {{{Upgrade Materials 3}}} {{{Upgrade Materials 4}}}
Upgrade Materials (lvl 5): Upgrade Materials (lvl 6): Upgrade Materials (lvl 7):
{{{Upgrade Materials 5}}} {{{Upgrade Materials 6}}} {{{Upgrade Materials 7}}}
Upgrade Materials (lvl 8): Upgrade Materials (lvl 9) Upgrade Materials (lvl 10):
{{{Upgrade Materials 8}}} {{{Upgrade Materials 9}}} {{{Upgrade Materials 10}}}
Upgrades into: Upgrades into: Upgrades into: Upgrades into: Upgrades into:
Excalibur Green Crescent Moon Dragon Durendal N/A N/A