Ann "Charm" Vittoz
Japanese Name Unknown
Rōmaji Translation Unknown
Personnel Data
Gender Male/Female
Age Unknown
Eye Color  ???
Hair Color  ???
Family Hal "Babe" Vittoz (Brother)
Affiliation Sinners
Melee Weapon L-6E1
Ranged Weapon MG-M7
Accessory Weapon SR-42/LA
Thorn Type Healing

Ann "Charm" Vittoz is a healer class sinner, the sister of Hal "Babe" Vittoz, and one of the protagonist's companions.

Profile Edit

Appearance Edit

Ann is a short girl with black hair and a light complexion. She wears a white jacket with a hood and dark navy zippers, a scalloped cyan skirt with a navy petticoat, polka-dot navy leggings, blue socks, black shoes, as well as a purple bow and blue headphones on top of her hood.

Personality Edit

She is very friendly and is often considered 'cute' by other sinners, and unlike her brother, she is known for being both smart and careful on operations. Despite her polite demeanor, Ann is quite harsh to those she considers "slackers" and is adamant about contributing to the greater good of her Panopticon.


The Protagonist meets Ann and her brother Hal during the party hosted by Nina and Uwe after the protagonist and Mattias survived their first operation against other sinners.

As the protagonist and Mattias reach CODE 5, Ann and her brother; Hal, follow behind them until an Invasion on the Panopticon, led by the Hourai Panopticon, forces the 'Con into sending various squadrons to fend off the invaders. Ann is separated from her brother as both are sent on different squadrons; however, both Ann and Hal's squadrons are overwhelmed by the invading forces and the protagonist is forced to choose who he/she will help. If the protagonist chooses to save Ann, Hal is killed in battle.

After the invading forces retreat, Ann is left bitter and promises to avenge her brother no matter what the cost, causing Beatrice and Elfriede to worry about her sanity and safety. However, Elfriede manages to calm Ann, who promises to start anew for her brother's sake.

After Abel is defeated and the Hourai Panopticon destroyed by On High, she is promoted to CODE 6.

The Protagonist can find Ann in the Fueling Station were she gives hints and opinions.

Trivia Edit

  • She can be recreated in the Character Editor.
  • In the La Vie En Rose Material Book, her age is listed as 16.
  • Ann is voiced by Momo Asakura