"Abductor" is an umbrella term to describe large, unmanned robots that are dispatched to capture Citizens and Accessories, fight Sinners and even move heavy objects.

Overview Edit

The Abductors are considered one of the strongest weapons a Panopticon can have and are used to invade a Panopticon, defend one's Panopticon and most commonly, to capture Citizens and Accessories from another 'Con. More often than not, Sinners accompany Abductors during missions.

When capturing, the Abductor grabs their victim and stores them into a pod (or one of their pods) in order to be taken to their home 'Con for "re-education". strangely enough, during cinematics, the captives are portrayed as being frozen with a amber-like liquid while in gameplay they are not frozen with Citizens banging for help.


Abductors come in two main categories: On High Abductors, and Panopticon Abductors.

Panopticon Abductors Edit

Panopticon Abductors are reverse engineered from giant machines called the Three Prototypes, which are said to be the forerunners of all Abductors. The most renowned of these machines is the Abductor owned by Houraian Sinner Abel, Red Rage.

They resemble skeletons, held together by Fibres which mimic muscles. This is most noticable on the All-Purpose Abductor, which resembles the torso of a man. 

Less humanoid variants of these abductors include the Artillery and Carrier models.

Panopticon Abductors are modular, allowing various combinations. The Abductors can be further classified as Bipeds or Quadrupeds.

On High Abductors Edit

Unlike the Panopticon Abductors, On High Abductors are not reverse engineered, but were invented by the technologically advanced group, On High.

There are three distinct types of On High Abductor: The Ramosa (which resembles a winged tiger), The Paradoxa (which resembles a six-legged spider), and the Dionaea (which resembles a Eurasian dragon).

Of the three, the Dionaea stands out as the most organic-looking of the three, almost appearing to be a cyborg dragon. This is probably intended to further intimidate foes.

Anomalous AbductorEdit

Although tentatively categorized as an On High Abductor, the Peltatum class Abductor almost appears to be not of this world. 

Several factors set it apart:

  • Firstly, it's design does not mimic any living being. It resembles a gigantic eye, surrounded by 8 black bars, on the end of which are chains.
  • Secondly, despite being called an Abductor, it has no Pod in which to store Citizens or Accessories. 
  • Thirdly, it's appendages are semi-independant, and can be let loose by the Abductor if it feels threatened.
  • It has been reported to be capable of destroying an entire Panopticon single-handedly, a feat it shares only with the legendary Sinner of the Hourai Panopticon, Abel
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